The gift sets for the Oscar ceremony included treats with hemp extracts


Every year, visitors to the prestigious awards ceremony of the American Film Academy, also known as the Oscars, receive gift bags from the event organizers, usually containing various confectionery and high-quality cosmetic products, worth about $ 100,000 worth .

In the same year, for the first time, gift sets were issued at the ceremony, which included extracts of psychoactive cannabinoids. The standard package includes chocolates containing about 10 milligrams of THC. Glenn Close, Regina King, Mellis McCartney and Mahershale Ali have received similar sets.

Oscar cannabis gist packs

The product from Coda Signature, is a chocolate truffle containing a dose of THC extract. According to the company’s website, this product allows you to “pamper yourself with the exquisite tastes of high-quality chocolate” and at the same time “relax tense nerves”, suggesting that customers start tasting candies from just one chocolate bar containing about 1-5 milligrams of THC.

The guests of the event, who refused TGCs of sweets, received a moisturizer for the face from the High Beauty company, which contains natural extracts of Sativa Cannabis seeds, which do not have pronounced psychoactive effects.

It is worth noting immediately that the administration of the film academy itself is not related to the procedure for the award ceremony. A private organization responsible for the idea of ​​such an unusual gift is called the Oscar awards ceremony committee, which has recently come into conflict with the academy due to some details concerning the violation of the intellectual property rights of the institute .

Oscar gift cannabis

In addition to hemp products, this year, gift baskets for nominee guests also contained other, rather curious things, ranging from fairly expensive cruise and SPA vouchers to free invitations to private psychological sessions to combat “personal phobias” and the Emoji character figurine. looking like a smiling plunger.

According to a representative of the organizing committee of the event, each company pays about $ 4,000 for the right to include one of its products in one gift package, removing publicity and advertising capital from the event .

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